Say Goodbye to the Incandescent

A federal law that will shut the lights on traditional incandescent bulbs by 2012 may get a possible last-minute extension, causing some concern among Canadian light manufacturers that are already phasing out the energy-guzzling lamp.

Under Canada’s Energy Efficiency Act, the manufacture and import of certain inefficient incandescent lights will stop by the end of 2012:100 W and 75 W bulbs by Jan. 1st, and 60 W and 40 W bulbs by Dec. 31st. According to the government, this could help Canadians reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their homes and workplaces by more than six million tonnes a year.

In April, the federal government announced it may extend the phase-out deadlines to 2014—Jan. 1st for 100 W and 75 W bulbs, and Dec. 31st for 60 W and 40 W bulbs—citing public concerns about the perceived health issues and mercury content of CFLs. Currently considering the impact of this amendment on stakeholders, the government will announce its decision this fall; at the time of writing, no decision had been made.

“Manufacturers have already made the necessary changes to their operations in ordering, production, packaging and so on to meet the 2012 deadline. So we oppose this extension and think the government should stick to the original date. We support energy conservation, and energy-efficient lighting is right way to go,” says Wayne Edwards, VP, Sustainability & Electrical Safety at Electro-Federation Canada.

The development has yielded mixed responses from Canadian lamp manufacturers, which have already made significant changes to their business practices to adjust to the original Canadian regulations. These companies recognize the business value in forging ahead with sustainable light products, as similar lighting laws have been implemented in many other countries in which they may sell products. Australia, the European Union, the U.S., Brazil and Venezuela have all passed legislation to significantly curb the use of the common bulb, and Russia, Argentina and Malaysia are planning to do the same.

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