How Can We Determine a Quality LED Product?

I have heard many complaints about the quality and consistency of the light output on LED replacement lamps. And which LED bulb can we trust? Is it the lowest cost? The highest cost? The higher light output? The fewest watts consumed?

The DOE (Department of Energy) has been testing LED lamps and LED fixtures for a number of years. It continues to be alarming that manufacturers overstate their performance and under deliver, which will slow the adoption of this energy efficient and long-life lighting opportunity. Just because a product exists does not mean it will perform to its stated specifications or long life ratings.

How can we determine a quality LED product? Look for the Lighting Facts label.

The LED manufacturers submit samples to the DOE for testing, and the Lighting Facts label is used under license for that particular lamp, or fixture. Now, the DOE can at any time purchase a lamp or fixture, return to the lab and test it, and it must meet the criteria stated on the label or they will lose the right to display the Lighting Facts label.

This ensures quality production and quality products in the hands of the consumer. The Lighting Facts label can be found on replacement LED lamps, and complete LED fixtures too.

Warning: I have seen LED lamps that have a similar “performance” label but it is not Lighting Facts, so don’t be fooled. Like the old television ad used to say: “If it’s not Ziebart, it’s not the same!”

Spending hard earned money on LED? Insist on the badge of quality: The Lighting Facts label.

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3 comments on “How Can We Determine a Quality LED Product?
  1. Good afternoon Greg, Interesting blog. thank you! I am now aware and will share this important label feature with team members, colleagues and customers.

  2. With due respect, i find these kind of statements the biggest hinderance to what is an excellent product. We have installed thousands of led’s, have had almost 100% customer satisfaction, and a very low problem rate.
    Like anything, looking at statistics and looking at the actual product are two different things. LED’s are saving a ton of money, saving a ton of energy and maintenance and material, and are making customers very happy.
    More important than the easy answer, which is trying to be a genius figuring out “statistics”, take a look at the product, take a look at the Product Knowledge the vendor has, take a look at ACTUAL installations, and you will benefit.
    Sit around trying to be an expert by looking at “performance” numbers, you will fall into the slump of doing nothing, which I assume is what the writer is doing.

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