Harnessing Energy from Waves

Recently the global energy market is characterized by a growing gap between surging demand and restricted supply of energy. At the same time, carbon emissions from non-renewable energy sources are on top level political agenda. Therefore, much pressure and expectations has been put on finding new, renewable sources of energy.

The global ocean energy resources are huge, and ocean energy technology clearly represents the largest untapped business potential within the renewables sector. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean which is a huge potential energy source. There is strong correlation between surface and bottom wave energy.


A WaveRoller device is a plate anchored on the sea bottom by its lower part. The back and forth movement of surge moves the plate. The kinetic energy transferred to this plate is collected by a piston pump. The ideal conditions for WaveRoller are at a depth of 10 – 25 meters, where the swell period is 5 – 20 seconds.

Environmental Impact

WaveRoller energy is also extremely well positioned in environmental aspects with the following key considerations:

  • The entire WaveRoller plant is placed under sea surface and hence it is completely invisible. Typical depth for this installation is about 10-25 meters.
  • WaveRoller plates follow the natural movement of water.
  • The plant does not generate any noise to surface or shore.
  • WaveRoller has been designed using materials that are environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous substances.

WaveRoller video

More about WaveRoller technology

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