Smart Grid Glossary

International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Roadmap for Smart Grids

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This report sets out, in part, to counter current misunderstandings of exactly what smart grids are and underestimations of how physically and institutionally complex their realization will be considering the scale on which they will be needed to achieve shared global goals regarding energy security, economic development and climate change mitigation. It also provides an Read more ›

The Smart Grid – A Pragmatic Approach: A ‘State-of-Play” Discussion Paper Presented by the Canadian Electricity Association

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The electricity sector has become the focus of heightened policy interest in Canada, as elsewhere, in the context of escalating concerns over emissions, security, and energy demand growth. In this elevated policy context, the smart grid has been much discussed often as a panacea rather than simply the continued maturation of an electricity network that Read more ›

NAED’s Smart Grid Glossary

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Do you understand what a smart grid is? Can you talk the talk?  Use this guide by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) covering smart grid terms and acronyms to make sure you’re speaking the lingo of the smart grid when meeting with prospective partners and customers. See the glossary here